Renshi (Andreas und Tina)

Renshi ist eine japanische Lyrikform in der zwei oder mehr Mitwirkende auf das Geschriebene des jeweils anderen reagieren, es verfremden oder verstärken können, so dass letztendlich ein Gedicht aus mehreren Köpfen entsteht. (Andreas: Ich hoffe, die Erklärung entspricht deiner Vorstellung, kannst mich aber auch gern berichtigen.)

-How fragile we are
skin and bones and shells
a lone light
warm fire
crackling in a black soul
brocade, red and floating eyes
glove love is not fair
envy is doing well
feel the summer break
amber ammunition
I apologize, silver was stolen.-

*The thievish mind began to eat
down on a crowded table
and in the pits there are still roars
shattering a lonely glance
splittered nerves
dried in concrete
come and crystalize a shape.*

-Up on the hills, through a gloomy Monday I walk
I have been here before
as someone else
but this mine is ours
as the thunder breaks
and in the corner of a red barrack
sits the immature girl and dies.-

*And dies and dies again
there’s no evil but man
and the blood of a rose
drippin’ down your hands.
I try and try
to read the ashes
the cellarsmell deep in my mind
my eyes they see so many pictures
but still they are just blind.*

-And while the dust is curling circles
our sun will find another day
three different hearts and spirits
are sent to reach another way.-

*...* Andreas Klein
-...- Tina Reinhardt

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2005 - Sarajevo ::: 2007 - Vietnam